The Engineer Wizard, What can the app do for you?

Welcome to the Service Engineer website,

I originally created this website to support the Service Engineer App, but times have moved on and the Service Engineer has been surpassed by the Engineer Wizard App, so this website now supports the new Engineer Wizard App and will show posts on my other developments from time to time such as my device development or my IP Nursecall System, there are a lot more developments so one might pop into a post from time to time.

The Engineer Wizard app was designed and developed by an Engineer who has worked in the security industry for years in different roles and the one thing that was always evident was the lack of support for engineers in trying to improve their first time fix until I developed the Engineer Apps.

Simply the engineer apps allow the engineers to carry all their manuals, notes, images, videos and presentations for all the disciplines, companies and products that the engineer supports, thats a massive amount of information and A4 folders just doesn’t do it in 2020.

Let’s help engineers increase productivity and increase their first time fix ratios in 2020, I like to think empowering engineers is the way forward to success as it boosts morale and helps build a team and retain engineers which in turn increases productivity and increases the engineers first time fix ratio.

If you have an ideals for the any of my Developments simply get in touch !