Engineer Wizard App – Overview Part 1

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Engineer Wizard -Overview

What is the Engineer Wizard App?

The Engineer Wizard App, what does it do and why did i write it ?

I have worked as an engineer in various titles across my career in fire and security, warden and nurse call and the one problem i always see is engineers looking for information, writing notes in their book, notes on backs of envelopes, etc as an engineer we have all done it and I personally can never find the note when I need it at three o’clock on a Sunday morning so this app stops those problems but it does so so much more…….

So keep reading as I will go into a little depth on the features within the app.

The Service Engineer App was written some years ago to help engineers improve their first time fix ratio and their confidence to fix things first time, engineering notes were just a small section within the app. Since its release there were several public updates but no updates have been released for some time although private builds were updated periodically. There were even various releases of the app for Access Control, Barriers and Gates, CCTV, Intruder, Fire and many more.

As time has gone by the devices and the version of android has moved on, so it was time to update the code and release a new version of the app one that is far superior and more feature packed than the original this new app is the Engineer Wizard App which I released to Google Play on the 7th January 2020.

You can search on Google Play for “Engineer Wizard” and you will see the icon for the app pop up, simply install create an account and start adding your disciplines then you are ready to start importing your information into the Engineer Wizard App.

Engineer Wizard App – Navigation

The app is very simple no matter what line of business you work in you can set up the app to work with your disciplines, companies and product lines.

Once you start the app you go through a process of adding your own disciplines to the app, from there you can create an unlimited amount of sections within your menu layout used in the app. So you can add CCTV, Hik Vision, MDVR Pro or FIRE, Gent, Vigilon Plus or basically any disciplines you wish to add there is no limit set so you can just keep creating.

Once you have created your sections on your menu just navigate into a product and import all your manuals for the product, do the same for your presentations, videos, images, notes and anything else you wish to add.

When you next visit site and your a little stuck or someone phones for assistance simply navigate to the disciplines, company, product and you can instantly access the information it really is that simple !

Want to see more ?

To fully explain the app in its detail with all of its features if going to take a few posts, one post like this just wont do it and i dont think anyone will read that much information in one go, so part two of the Engineer Wizard App overview will be coming very soon.

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