Engineer Wizard App – Overview Part 2

Engineer Wizard App is built for engineers working in any industry in any country !

I have developed the Engineer Wizard App for engineers but its unlike any app that anyone has ever seen, since the original app there has been some copycats that i’m aware of but no one comes close to the old Service Engineer App, what alone this new Engineer Wizard App there is no other app on the planet that does what this app does for engineers.

Companies don’t generally write apps for engineers they are more interested in the companies so there are a lot of job planning apps out there but nothing that really helps engineers with the day to day jobs and helps with increasing the engineers first time fix ratio which in turn helps with the profitability of the business. I am an engineer with years of experience of being an engineer on the road, on call out, etc. I have done it all and why did i struggle like many others simply because software development companies don’t look at the engineers well this engineer is changing the industry and improving the first time fix ratio. Unfortunately the side effect of writing app for engineers and being anonymous on Linkedin is being called the App man, Engineer App, Service Engineer I have a few titles it seems but my real name is Andrew but I cannot tell you where I work so really i’m still anonymous.

I have a problems with my development projects and the problem is time, my time is taken up by so many other things than the Engineer Wizard App, my IP Nursecall System, iTunes affiliate domains, device development and so many other apps that i write and maintain, its sometimes a struggle to divide my time and work constantly on one project so timescales can sometimes be a struggle but I promised this app would be released before Christmas 2019 and yes there was a private release just before Christmas as promised.

A public release of the app was on Google Play on the 7th Jan 2020, since the release there have been a few updates to the app these were mainly to improve on the discipline configuration and resolve an app permissions issue on some Samsung devices that i was made aware of.

When I write any developments for Apps i have a selection of devices to test the code on, currently I think there up to 15 devices, tablets, phones, etc various manufacturers and models of devices but i cannot check my code against every devices and every build of android so from time to time a weird and wonderful bug will raise its head due to all the weird and wonderful devices coming from users in India, China, etc, its devices i have not seen what alone used with the app released in 148 countries you can imagine the number of different devices and versions of android that is being used on a daily basis.

This is just one project that takes up some of my time, its my IP based Nursecall System.

The engineer app is by no means completed there are so many features I want to add to the app but my main problem is time, time to add this feature, improve this feature, i simply struggle to do the things i want to do sometimes with so many ideals and projects on the go.

I had an amazing ideal for a CCTV app some time ago that I really would like to develop further but I simply don’t have enough time, maybe i should just take someone on eh !

Enough background information its time to get back to Overview part 2 of the Engineer Wizard App.

Engineer Wizard App – Overview Part 2.

Engineer Wizard App Built by an Engineer for Engineers

The Service Engineer 2016 – 2020

Disciplines – What are they, why do i need them ?

The Engineer app has been developed so you can create any disciplines, companies and products you wish to without restriction this was something that was not possible in the original app but it was really the most important feature to have as engineers have so many products to look after and so many different companies, the different between engineers and the product range they support is massive this is why I have added the ability to self configure your own disciplines, i feel its a massive leap from the older app and a great move forward for engineers.

I call them disciplines but around the world i’m sure people will refer to a discipline with a different word, no matter what industry or business sector you work in the app can accommodate for example if i said a mechanic they work on different types of vehicles, different manufacturers, different models so a mechanic could populate their own individual menu using the discipline configuration built into the app.

Another example, heating engineers they work with different manufacturers, boilers, heating systems, etc this type of engineer could load the app with all their boiler, heating system manuals, user guides, etc and if they goto a site and don’t know the system or even remember the little thing they did last time to fix an issue they can simply look through the manufacturer page and go into their own notes to resolve the issue.

I could really go through any industry in any country from aerospace to commercial repair, industrial repair, washing machines, air conditioning, cars, mechanics, plumbing, heating etc there is really scope for any type of technician, engineer or even a DIY’er.

Are there different versions of the app, of course !

The app can work with manuals, images, videos, presentations, notes all contained in different tabs dependant on your individual discipline configuration, no two apps are the same every app anywhere is individual and is setup individually by the engineer.

There is a variation to the above statement there are currently two builds of the app the one I describe above is the version currently released on Google Play but the other version is completely different.

The corporate version of the app allows all the engineers to be grouped so they all have the same discipline configuration this is to allow the sharing of information across all the engineers within the group. To explain further if someone wanted to share a health and safety toolbox talk to a group of engineers this can be done simply in the corporate release but cannot be done with the version of the app on Google Play as its a corporate feature within the corporate Engineer Wizard App, remember you could in theory have a video toolbox talk and simply send a video to the engineers and allocate them a job to sign off after they have viewed the video, its a massive saving in engineering time across the business. There are other differences but this information is outside of the scope of this summary, simply the version of the app on google play is a standalone app with no corporate integration features but to the normal engineer they would know no difference since both apps work really the same way.

If you have any questions, queries or comments you can contact me on here, linkedin or find me in person….

Andrew – Aka “The Service Engineer”

The Service Engineer App

The original engineers app

The original app I developed for engineers was the Service Engineer App, it was released in various disciplines but most people would have used the tester edition of the app since this was a public release of the app the other disciplines were private builds and never made public.

Things have moved on so much since this app so if you are still using this app, go and download the new Engineer Wizard App from Google play today its far superior in every way !

Google Play – The Engineer Wizard App

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