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The Service Engineer Apps & Nursecall Development – January 2019

Last year i did a lot of development work on the Service Engineer Apps but towards the end of the year i got involved in building my own Nursecall System.

I have worked with lots of nursecall/wardencall systems over the years but not really seen one with all the bells and whistles so to speak, if a system has some good features generally the system was let down by some other feature which kind of counter acted the good bits.

So my Nursecall System is built to work and work well and have all the bells and whistles that i can incorporate into the system with hopefully no negatives.  I have only worked part time on the system in my spare time for a few months but the system was fully working in a matter of days, in-fact i did a demo of the system after a week as i had a working system in days.

A bit of history and a bit about the setup for the system.

From the first week the system has worked with NFC tags, these allow calls to be closed from a tag which helps to keep carers on the floor, the tags will be developed further as there are lots of things that can be done with them.  Also in the first week of development i developed a board that will allow four different call types but potentially this board can be programmed and used as a universal device including active relays so its an input/output board that can be remotely controlled it was really simple to develop these things so they were added from the start.

Corridor display screens a have been built, these are what i would call a quick and simply display that can show the active calls and allow carers to see instantly where the calls are coming from.  Moving on from a simple display is the image above that shows the active location tracking of carers and active calls as they are made from the clients and closed by the carers.  The mapping page does have lots of features some can be clearly seen in the image but some you will not see until i release a video showing how the mapping works.  As a test  for the past few weeks i have had one user icon moving around the page to random locations, i’m just updating the code to show lots more staff members so once this code has been done you will be able to see 10 or more users moving around the screen at random as i do not have 15 carers wandering around testing the system for obvious reasons.

The code shows staff members moving around the screen based on location tracking so the system can actually show where staff members are and also what they are doing, there will be a lot more development on this page the location tracking is only a small part of the page there is so much more to add.

The android devices were coded after the first week of development so unfortunately they were not available to demo on my first meeting, but my first meeting was of great interest to me as it moved my thought process into another direction which i realise now was the right thing to do.  The software for both the room units and also for the carers handsets are fully functional and have been successfully demonstrated live using my American server that the system is running on, on this demonstration it was amazing how fast the system was running from my Android tethering connection with near instant updating.

I could rattle off lots of things about the new system and even more pages of what features i will be adding but lets leave that for another day and another post !

The Service Engineer Apps

 I have been a little quite with regards to the Service Engineer Apps but hopefully will be updating the apps soon enough, i did a release a few weeks ago with a quick update.  Ideally i need to do a codebase update and remove some sections of the app i believe are not required.

As the tester edition has been running in the field for so long now ideally i could move away from this release and create a new release where you can add your own sections, which you cannot do currently as they are hard coded.

The system uses hard coded sections as the cloud that allows you to share information uses static sections for matching information otherwise if you share information and the other user does not have the same section there will be no update.

It would be interesting to get some ideals or comments on this …..

Feel free to post on the thread…

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