Microsoft OneDrive Integration – The Service Engineer App

The Service Engineer App – Microsoft OneDrive Integration

One thing that has been missing from the app range until now has been the integration of a personal or business type cloud, independent to the version of the cloud already built within the app.  Because of the new privacy law with regards to keeping information and the potential copyright on files it made sense to allow businesses and individuals to be in charge of their own information and documents.

Other clouds maybe added at a later date, GoogleDrive, DropBox, etc but for now lets use Microsoft OneDrive !

So what are the advantages of using a file cloud ?

The advantages of using a file cloud are simple, OneDrive allows more than one user to login to the account so basically its a service that a business or a group of individuals can utilise to share files such as manuals, images, etc directly to your engineers.  To setup this up you should create the folders corresponding to the app sections on OneDrive and upload your manuals, videos, images, etc in to the corresponding folders that way when the engineer logins in to OneDrive through the app they can see the corresponding folders and know what section the file they download should be.

Once you have organised your files on the OneDrive the engineers can then go through the Service Engineer App and download the file directly into the app which they will also retain a local copy for future use, this is a fantastic way of implementing technical support information directly to the engineers.  If an engineer is stuck and needs assistance your technical support department could simply upload the document onto OneDrive where the engineer can download and retain the information and this is all in realtime.

So when is the latest OneDrive code update being released ?

The new release of the Service Engineer App that should be released later today will include the new feature of having Microsoft OneDrive integrated directly into the app, however it will still require the OneDrive App to be installed on the device with a valid account for the app to connect too.

Once you have an active account and you are logged into OneDrive you can then load up the engineer app and find the button in mini apps to directly access OneDrive.  Then follow the link to OneDrive and you will see your files located in the OneDrive from here you can select a valid file type  which will download directly onto the android device.

When a file has finished downloading to the device a series of dialog questions will pop up and prompt you to answer.  The questions will ask what section do you want to store the file in then what sub section as in manual, videos, presentation, etc.  Now the location and the sub section you selected will be populated with the file with a thumbnail once its been generated.

It doesn’t get any easier than a few clicks and the app then stores a local copy of the file with a generated thumbnail, viewable at any point in the future.

The Service Engineer App – Tester Edition does have a 1mb restriction on files it will download and populate directly into the database, after all this release is not designed for businesses or commercial usage.  All of the specific disciplined versions of the app such as #CCTV , #Fire , #Intruder, #Access Control , #WardenCall , etc  are full commercial releases and do not have any restrictions when using the OneDrive service.

if you have any questions or comments or want to stay up to date with the Service Engineer App Development feel free to post them below or come and find me on LinkedIn and connect.

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