The Service Engineer – May Updates

The Service Engineer – Whats new in May ?

The System Test Edition of the Service Engineer App has been on Google Play for sometime, considering the app has only really been shown on Linkedin the response has been very impressive.  My original reason for starting my linkined account was not for the purpose of showing the app to the world it just kind of happened that way.   If you want to stay up to date with whats going on with the apps simply add me to your connections list – service-engineer-app

I have wrote software for a very long time in one way or another and i normally write software for my self, ebay, friends, friends of friends that kind of thing but on this occasion I decided I would share my app with the world as I believe it is a tool every engineer should not be without.

I work in the security industry it made sense for me to develop the app in my own line of work but it could be used in so many other lines of business, it could be used in any service industry it was even suggested that the app could be used by plumbing and heating engineers and yes it could its just a case of putting in a request so i know what you would want to see in the app, i invite any suggestions and ideals no matter how small or strange of an ideal it may seem just post it to me thats how bigger ideals are born!

So back to my original heading “Whats new in May ?” the answer to this question is lots of things have been updated and added to the app in fact maybe too many to list.  Some of the updates and additions can clearly be seen but the main core of the app has been updated to resolve a couple of memory leaks so the app will remain more stable specially when generating a large number of thumbnails when going through a lot of manuals.  The overall memory foot print of the app has also been shrunk so this should help with lower memory devices.

The user interface has been updated to give a more modern feel and to bring the interface up to date, the older view was quickly put together so the app was more functional rather more cosmetic but it was about time the interface was updated.  Remember originally the app would not have been released but since it has been it was time to update the cosmetics of the app.  In addition to the user interface I have added the ability to change the font style used within the app this option can be found in settings, if you want to see a particular font get in touch.

Within the app I have added two buttons in the mini app section these are the Green Button and the Whats New button.

  • The green button ideal was born as a way of communicating with businesses and saying basically I can incorporate a mini app and link it back to your website, sales, tech, etc this is a free of charge offer.
  • Whats new? This button was to make it easier for you people to see whats been changed when i send an automatic update, I try to keep this update as and when i send an update, occasionally i will send a notification to say the app is about to update so you know when to check this section.
  • The next button could be yours, with any number of features !

 Don’t forget to stay up to date and add me to your connections list – service-engineer-app

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