Re-Vamp Weekend !

Service Engineer Apps – ReVamp Weekend.

I was recently informed that the engineer app looked a bit tired and dated so it was time to put the coding aside and work on the interface and give it that nice touch of class.  Up till now my time has been utilised in the creation of the app and the mini apps it contains but now is time to step back and work on the interface to make the app more friendly, remember the app was originally designed for me and my friends to use.

It was quite a job to update all the icons and images but eventually it was completed and it’s hard to say if the current updated images will stay or not as its like painting a picture when is it really finished?

So for now the images will be staying of course you are welcome to create images and send them in, they might end up in the app range.

The re-vamp release also included a few fixes to the code to reduce the memory foot print even further as well as the images being reduced in size to further save memory, the images will be shrunk further in another release to further save even more memory which will help viewing your manuals.

Currently everyone is seeing the universal edition of the app which i developed to showcase what the app can do, the uptake has been very good, obviously some people do not feel they need to assistance from the app i guess.  But who wouldn’t want all the manuals in their pocket for every product they work on?

Originally i wrote the app for myself after years of using programs i have wrote for the windows operating system but now with the advantage of small and inexpensive devices it just made sense to use a tablet to view all my manuals which is what i still use to this date with over 57 product sections in one discipline I basically have all the manuals for everything i may encounter.

You could do this also with the Service Engineer App so watch out for the other releases of the app, CCTV, Fire, Access Control, Intruder, Gates, Lifts , etc other releases will be coming !

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