The Service Engineer – Whats next in April 2018

The Service Engineer – Whats next in April 2018.

Well time has flown by and its now April 2018, the Service Engineer development has been ongoing for quite some time and it’s now time to expand the range into another industry. 

Today I announced the release of the Lift Engineer edition of the Service Engineer,  I will continue to look at the security industry as a whole if another edition can be created to assist engineers and businesses achieve the one fix visit.

Moving forward I am looking for an industry where the Service Engineer model will work and support businesses and employees, if you can think of a business or perhaps a single engineer that may require a version of the app then please let me know as I will soon have lots of time to put into this project.

Distributers, Manufacturers of Security Products

The Service Engineer Apps could do with a boost, help us fight the fight and help engineers achieve the one fix visit.  The simple way to do this is to support us by sending us your brochures and manuals for your products.  We can offer direct marketing to engineers on the ground and businesses, its an excellent marketing opportunity as your manuals will support the engineers and also offer you the referral for instant sales.

If this sounds of interest then please get in touch.

Whats in the new upcoming release of the Service Engineer range?

Recently i have updated the app with several mini apps such as the resistor calculator, talking binary calculator, etc..  there maybe further mini apps in the future but for now my time will be concentrating on the cosmetics of the app and improving the source code which wont be visible to the end user, unless of course there is a brilliant ideal to make another mini app, nothing can be harder than creating a resistor calculator trust me !

The release that is coming will include the QR Scanner, improvements to the app in general and updates to the manual reader side of the app, I welcome any suggestions for the extended use of the QR scanner as i can basically get the scanner to do anything with a scanned code so it could be used for the normal web page links, etc but it could also do so much more.

I have questioned myself if i should look at writing the app for IOS but i’m not sure on the support for this as the devices are expensive and i would guess most large businesses will not be using iPads when a 9.7″ android tablet is at least a third of the price.

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