The Service Engineer – Site Manager

The Service Engineer – So what is the Site Manager ?

Happy Easter ! – Site Navigation by Site Images !

The app has a new feature coming, the feature is the site manager and what it does is it allows all your sites to be stored in one location.

You can add the normal address and contract number,  the app isn’t looking to store sensitive information due to data protection but you can also add a site photo.  When you then want to visit a site you can simply click the photo you took and it will navigate you straight to your stored location.

The location can be a postcode or an address but if your device has GPS it will store the coordinates into the app with the image.  So the next time you need to visit a site you don’t really remember simple load up the site manager and find the photo and click to navigate, obviously you need  data or gps functionality to allow the navigation.

You can change the size of the site image displayed in settings along with the definition of the quality of the photo, the photo images are not small to allow the app to work very quickly when showing a large number of sites.  The number of sites depends on the size of the images and also the device memory,  this code will be amended and streamlined to allow more sites.

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