The Service Engineer – What did we forget ?

The Service Engineer – We forgot a Resistor Calculator…

Every engineer should ideally know resistor values by looking at the resistor but most of the time is it a best guess ?

Well things are about to change…..

How many times have you or your engineers been in the situation of needing to know a resistor value but you don’t have a meter nearby to measure the resistor value and your meter is three floors down in the back of the motor.

Were just in the process of adding a resistor calculator to the app range so all the engineer has to do is color match the resistor banding to get the value.

It’s now as simple asĀ load up the resistor calculator on your phone and tap the resistor banding to change to colors to match the resistor and then read the value.

Money is time, why not speed up the process with a resistor calculator, built into the service engineer app - tester edition.

Got any great ideals get in touch, anything is possible it just takes time !


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