Google Play – Release of the Service Engineer – Tester Edition

Milestone Release 2018 – The Service Engineer – Tester Edition


The day finally came yesterday when i released a version of the Service Engineer App live on Google Play.

The release includes all the features that i have previously posted on this site, so you as the engineer or business can actually see what the app has to offer.  You can read up on the website about the features built within the app and even view the video tutorial or set by step images.

The tester edition allows you to test the compatibility of your android devices with the complexity of the app, and also test all the features the app has to offer, after all it is a fully working version.  This version just doesn’t have the corresponding icons at the top so its slightly more limited that the other editions in that respect.

When the app starts simply follow the instructions to add your manuals to the app, the app does not include any manuals as standard due to possible copyright implications.  Once you know how to add manuals you follow the same process to add images, videos, presentations and anything else you feel you need to have in the app.

The address to view the app on the play store is below, from there you can simply install on your android device provided it meets the minimum requirements. (Lollipop API 22)


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